Vacuum cleaners for cleaning animal wool

Our compatriots contain a huge number of pets. Statistics confirms that according to the number of dog lovers we occupy the first place among European states. In addition, every third family must have a cat. All animal lovers, whose pets are kept in an apartment or at home, sooner or later come to the idea that for a good sanitary condition of a dwelling they simply need a device that can remove wool from the surfaces.

If you need a vacuum cleaner for wool, you should choose it very carefully. Actually, effective cleaning of wool can be organized with the help of vacuum cleaners of various brands, it is important that in the kit for the device special accessories intended for removing animal wool are provided. It can be:

  • usual nozzle for floor, carpet;
  • mechanical turbo brush;
  • electric turbo-brush;
  • nozzle with silicone coating;
  • electric brush-puncher.


Nozzle floor-carpet against animal hair

To the universal accessories, designed, including for the collection of animal hair, is the nozzle floor-carpet. In most cases, these brushes are equipped with a foot switch, with which you can remove or extend the bristles used to clean a certain surface. Nozzles of floor-carpet from vacuum cleaners from different manufacturers are differentiated according to several parameters – width, quality of bristles, presence / absence of wheels. Nozzle with wheels is easy to use, it is mobile, it does not damage the floor surface. There are brushes, the length of the bristles can not be changed, respectively, they do not have a floor / carpet switch. These wool brushes meddle with the cleaning of the carpet, but they are more effective for cleaning the floor.

Vacuum cleaner robot for cleaning wool?

All today’s robotic vacuum cleaners can differ in their functionality. If the buyer has the task of cleaning an apartment or house from the fur of domestic animals, then this condition is best to sound when buying, since a simple option may be completely useless, most likely, you will need a washing model. Conventional models will differ in noise and duration of harvesting. On the room, the robot will need to spend 1 hour of work. It should be noted that for a long time you will have to remain in the noise.

Do not forget that some cats may completely inadequately perceive such an aggregate. For some it may seem harmless and very funny, but most of the furry pets will be stressed by the prolonged noise emanating from the object moving in different directions. As practice shows, over time, animals become accustomed to the robot vacuum cleaner and practically do not pay attention to it.

Cleaning the fur of a cat

If the choice is made in favor of such a modern appliance for cleaning, it is necessary to take into account its size and dimensions, since it will have to fall freely under furniture in the house. Some models can be equipped with special horns, which will be designed to prevent the jamming of the vacuum cleaner (for more details on how the device functions, see the article on how the robots work in vacuum cleaners).

Buying a robot cleaner, it is important to know the following points:

  • The modern unit has a round shape, it will not be possible to clean the corners.

  • It is impossible that during the operation of such a vacuum cleaner, water is spread over the floor – this will lead to a breakdown of the unit.

  • The vacuum cleaner-robot will need to be cleaned after each cleaning, it is necessary to clean the brushes, wash the wheels.

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What is a mechanical, electric turbo-brush

A more effective device for harvesting animal wool, which many users have already appreciated, is a turbo brush. The turbo brush is a special nozzle, inside of which there is a rotating roller. The roller grasps, wraps on itself absolutely everything that is hardly cleaned from upholstered furniture, carpets – a wool of animals, a thread, hair. The effectiveness of this accessory depends entirely on two parameters: the design of the turbo-scroll, the way it works. Any major manufacturer considers it his duty to make improvements to the design of the turbo-scraper. This can be a special location of the bristles on the roller, a unique material from which the bristles are made, the shape of the nozzle.

There are two ways of working at the turbine head: mechanical and electric. Mechanical turbobrushes are designed to clean carpets, the nap of which does not exceed 1.5 cm. They are not recommended for cleaning hand-made carpets, worn carpets with protruding threads. When using a mechanical method, the roller is driven by a stream of air. The efficiency of the mechanical turbo brush of the vacuum cleaner depends on the suction force of the device. Using a mechanical turbo brush reduces the suction power of the vacuum cleaner by a significant figure – from 20 to 30 percent. The electrical method involves connecting to the turbo brush wire, while it functions from an electric drive.

Advantages of an electric turbobrush:

  • It is much more efficient than mechanical, because it does not reduce the suction power of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Works well with a sufficiently loaded dust bag.
  • Its operation is accompanied by a low noise level.
  • The electric turbo brush has a constant speed and is suitable for all surfaces.


It should be noted that because of the too high productivity, these nozzles are completed with separator units without filters. However, in some aggregates, the lack of an electric turbobrush can be called some ill-considered design associated with the wires. It is stretched along the hose and tube to the fasteners and handles, cluttering the suction pipe. However, there are modern models of vacuum cleaners for cleaning animal wool, where hidden wires are used, for example, the Pro-Aqua devices of the model PA03 and Vivenso. This greatly improves the level of design, convenience and ergonomics of the device. Vacuum cleaner Bissell for animal wool

The purpose of the turbo brush is cleaning the floor, or cleaning upholstered furniture. These two types of baits differ in their size. For the cleaning of the floor, wide, large turbosets are used, cleaning of upholstered furniture is carried out with the help of small turbo-brushes. For any turbobrush, the main parameter of efficiency is the thoughtfulness of the roller cleaning system. Long-haired animals in the ordinary state, cats and dogs lose so much hair and fluff during the moult that sometimes after a single cleaning they have to remove a considerable amount of wool wrapped on it.

A quality turbo brush on the roller has a deep groove in which you can insert a blade of scissors, cut the wound wool and quickly remove it. When purchasing a vacuum cleaner for cleaning wool, be sure to pay attention to the roller, if it is arranged differently, it is unlikely that you will be satisfied with the quality of the wool harvesting. Moreover, it is desirable to pay attention also to the material from which this roller is made because the tree will dry up and swell, and too soft plastic is simply quickly spoiled by winding threads and wool. It is better that the material is combined and durable.

It should be said that not all vacuum cleaners are equipped with electric turbo-blades, most of it has in the arsenal only mechanical attachments of a similar profile. But do not rush to rejoice, to buy them, too, will not be able to buy it because in order to operate such a brush, the vacuum cleaner should have an electrical connector, and there are mainly separator vacuums. However, if you can not afford this, there are a lot of universal mechanical turboflows available from well-known manufacturers, they can easily be picked up by vacuum cleaners of various brands.

In vacuum cleaners of series DС52 from company Dyson mini-turbo-grids Tangle-free Turbine are made without use of a platen. This nozzle on the side of the working surface is arranged like a clockwork gear. Gears just grab the wool by sending it inside the nozzle.

Electric brush-punch and wool

The vacuum cleaner for collecting wool can be equipped with an electric brush-punch. Its purpose is to clean upholstered furniture. Brush-punching is a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner, having its own engine, by means of which the work of a rotating shaft with bristles is activated. Bristles in such a brush are located in a special way, when the brush rotates, vibration occurs, dust is extracted from the surface being treated – this is how this nozzle differs from the electric turbo brush. Due to the use of a proprietary motor, the brush speed is not affected by the suction power of the vacuum cleaner. This unique property makes it possible to clean the surfaces upholstered with tissues requiring delicate handling. Brush-punching produces deep cleaning of mattresses, pillows, upholstered furniture.

However, the electric brush-puncher can not effectively interact with any vacuum cleaner to collect animal wool. This nozzle is exclusive and unlike the electric turbo-brush, it comes complete with separator vacuum cleaners only. The amount of dust absorbed by the vacuum cleaner during deep cleaning is several times greater than when using a conventional brush or a turbo brush. HEPA filters, when using a brush-punch, work out their resource much more intensively than usual and require more frequent replacement. For this reason, many manufacturers avoid the installation of a brush-punch in the devices they produce. In addition, the electric brush-puncher functions from its own motor, it is connected to a special outlet located on the main body. This complicates the construction of vacuum cleaners, increasing the cost of the device. Cleaning of pet hair by a robotic vacuum cleaner

Proceeding from this, the electric brush-puncher interacts only with separator vacuum cleaners having a reliable air purification system and suitable in design. Separator vacuum cleaners are devices with water filters, on the motor of which a turbine is installed, as a result of its action there is a vortex of water and air. Under the action of the centrifugal force, dust particles are separated from the air, settling in the water filter. The air at the outlet is maximally purified, slightly moistened.

Many vacuum cleaners for animal wool of various brands have original adaptations, through which the effect of their work is intensified. So, in a customary nozzle for cleaning upholstered furniture, a special thread elevator is built in, usually a small tongue. This device perfectly captures the hair, animal hair, thread, sucking them into the vacuum cleaner.

Bissell silicone covers for their vacuum cleaners effectively and delicately remove animal wool from upholstered furniture with their soft teeth. Such a nozzle, repeating the outline of furniture, makes it possible to clean it simultaneously in three planes, obtaining fluff and animal fur from all folds.

It is not bad enough coping with its functional duties, a robot cleaner for wool. Absolutely all models of these smart assistants are equipped with turbo-brushes. If you use a vacuum cleaner for daily cleaning in a house containing animals, its capacity is sufficient to maintain acceptable cleanliness. When the animal strongly molts, a robot vacuum cleaner with a dust collector, whose capacity is not less than a liter, will become a good helper. Some models of robotic vacuum cleaners are simply irreplaceable in apartments where there are pets – they are not only able to remove wool and fluff qualitatively, but also disinfect the floor with a UV lamp, destroying flea larvae. Cleaning in the house using a robot vacuum cleaner should be done in person, since animals are often afraid of a moving and noisy appliance.


If you have come to the conclusion that you need a vacuum cleaner for pet wool, you should think about such a question. Perhaps you have a modern, good vacuum cleaner with enough power. For normal cleaning of the room in which the pet lives, the suction power of the vacuum cleaner should not be less than 500 AER, and this is possible either in the case of purchasing a new apparatus, not the most primitive one, and monthly replacing the filters in it, or using a filterless separator device, with an electric brush-punch.


So if your vacuum cleaner does not meet the above conditions, it is too old, or unable to work at full capacity – the purchase of an additional accessory will not make it a real helper for collecting wool. In this case, there is only one way out – the purchase of a new vacuum cleaner to choose which should be approached with the mind and without false economy for which later it will have to pay.

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